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eFP BG Poland ~ Orzysz Ranges In Poland

Eagle Troop of 2nd Squadron, 2nd US Cavalry Regiment uses the 8x8 STRYKER IAV [US Army: Georgios Moumoulidis]

This afternoon the US DoD released images of soldiers from NATO’s eFP Battle Group Poland (BGPOL) on Orzysz Ranges yesterday (6th) to conduct weapons zeroing after their recent 1000km route march from Bavaria.

Mustang Troop GMG operator [US Army: Georgios Moumoulidis]

Battle Group Poland, which is comprised of US, UK, Romanian and Polish soldiers, is currently deployed to Orzysz for six months in support of the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission.

NATO’s eFP operation is an Allied, Forward Deployed Defence and Deterrence posture in Eastern Europe to protect and reassure NATO’s Eastern member states of their security.

Mustang Troop of 2nd US Cavalry Regiment on the eFP mission in Poland is provided by A Squadron of the Light Dragoons from UK 4th Brigade, who use the 4×4 JACKAL and the 6×6 COYOTE.


Mustang Troop on Orzysz Ranges earlier this week [US Army: Georgios Moumoulidis]

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