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eFP Cavalry Route March – Update

UK Light Dragoons COYOTE with US Second Dragoons STRYKER behind leave Piotrkow Trybunalski on the next leg of their route march [© Bob Morrison]

On Tuesday C&S joined part of the US 2nd Cavalry eFP battlegroup undertaking the southern route march from Bavaria through the Czech Republic to Orzysz near the Polish borders with Kaliningrad and Belarus, as part of NATO reassurance measures in the Baltic States.

The montage of images below was taken as a representative package drawn from the southern convoy was first welcomed in Piotrkow Trybunalski by the Polish Minister of Defence on Tuesday afternoon, then headed off to its bivouac area about one hour distant where they linked up with the remainder of the half battlegroup’s vehicles. On Wednesday, prior to flying back to the UK, we were able to witness the other half of the battlegroup at their halfway location near Warsaw, though as this was inside a high security military base we were unable to photograph it.

We will cover the US 2nd Dragoons Cougar Squadron and the UK Light Dragoons (designated Mustang Troop, 2/2 CAV) deployed on eFP duties, as part of the NATO Battlegroup Poland (BGPOL), in the June issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine as the May issue had to be passed for press last weekend. Note, however, that as this is an Operation, and not an Exercise, OpSec will be a major consideration.

C&S would also like to express our thanks to the Polish MoND and US 2CR Public Affairs Officers and staff, plus Polish civil and military police personnel, who all assisted us on this brief but highly worthwhile assignment.

Part of 2CR battlegroup in Piotrkow Trybunalski, on the move to the main convoy overnight rest area, and lined up in the evening for the early morning departure northeast [© Bob Morrison]

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