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eFP ~ Dragoons Route March Through Poland

UK Coyote with US Strykers behind on 1000km route march through Poland [© Bob Morrison]

NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) US-led battalion, one of four battlegroups bolstering Alliance defence measures in the Baltic, is on route march.

Earlier today C&S caught up with them near the mid point of their 1,000km drive from Bavaria all the way to Orzysz in northeast Poland, then joined them when they stopped off at the 800 year old city of Piotrkow Trybunalski to be welcomed by the Polish Minister of National Defence. The convoy on the southern route march included the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Second Dragoons), ‘A’ Squadron of Britain’s Light Dragoons (designated Mustang Troop, 2/2 CAV) , and Romanian close air defence gunners from the Blue Scorpions.

We will bring readers more on this topic in a future issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine.

US Stryker with UK Jackal behind recently arrived in historic Piotrkow Trybunalski [© Bob Morrison]

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