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SILVER ARROW 2017 – Dramatic Finale

Polish main battle tanks support Canadian mechanised infantry during the spectacular finale [© Bob Morrison]

This afternoon NATO’s eFP (enhanced Forward Presence) battle group in Latvia mounted a dynamic demonstration highlighting multinational interoperability in a dramatic finale to Exercise SILVER ARROW 2017.

A combined force of Canadian, Italian, Polish and Spanish artillery, armour and mechanised infantry supported Latvian allies during a dynamic display laid on for Distinguished Visitors. C&S was on hand to record the action and to watch Latvian infantry clear an urban complex and capture a High Value Target.

Full details will be published in the magazine in due course. In the meantime we should like to record our thanks to everyone who has helped us out here over the last few days and especially the Latvian and Canadian Press Officers who worked tirelessly to allow us to cover so much of the action.

Latvian troops from 1st Mechanised Infantry Battalion during urban operations [© Bob Morrison]

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