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Enhanced Forward Presence Strikes Back

Polish PT-91 main battle tank supporting Canadian PPCLI troops [© Bob Morrison]

Earlier today NATO’s eFP (enhanced Forward Presence) Battle Group in Latvia counter-attacked Yellow Force aggressors after blocking their advance north of the Gauja River.

Preceded by an artillery barrage laid down by 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Italian and Canadian mechanised infantry supported by Polish PT-91 Twardy main battle tanks over-ran a capable OpFor provided by Estonian Land Forces at the end of a hard morning’s  fight. Exercise SILVER ARROW 2017 is now drawing to its conclusion, though there is a final dynamic display yet to come.

C&S was on the battlefield earlier today and if all goes to plan we should commence feature coverage of both BG LVA and the exercise in the January ’18 issue, which is scheduled to hit the newsstands from 7th December.

Clockwise from top left: RCHA on Fire Mission, Estonian OpFor Pasi IFV, Canadian LAV VI, Italian Freccia IFV [© Bob Morrison]

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