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IRON WOLF 2017 ~ Arty and Sappers

Lithuanian Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled 155mm howitzer between firing positions [© Bob Morrison]

Today was our last day, covering Gunners and Sappers, on IRON WOLF 2017 and the simultaneous SABER STRIKE 2017… and what a geat day it was too!

First we spent the morning with Lithuanian and German self-propelled howitzers and then we spent the afternoon with German Combat Engineers as they recovered trackway and equipment from the wet gap crossing location where the Polish and Lithuanian eFP  battlegroups had made a tactical withdrawal.

We will bring you more detail in future issues of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine.

PS. We have also proffed current Lithuanian, Dutch and German rations packs for our long-running, occasional Kit & Camo series.

British & German amphibious engineers transport a German trackway delivery truck across the Neris River [© Bob Morrison]

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