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Eesti Scouts & Estonian Defence League

Estonian Defence League anti-armour team with 90mm PV-1110 recoilless rifle defend their community from a hastily prepared position [© Bob Morrison]

Yesterday [18th] C&S joined the elite Eesti Scouts (Scoutspataljon) on the front line in Eastern Estonia as the prepared to repulse an OpFor brigade at the start of a three-day defensive battle phase of Exercise KEVADTORM 17.

A few kilometres away from the Scouts, we ran into an Estonian Defence League (Eesti Kaitseliit) formation defending their community and their home ground. The EDL is a highly motivated volunteer paramilitary organisation which can turn out at extreme short notice for local defence and to support the Estonian Land Forces (Maavägi).

The pace of battle out here on NATO’s northeastern flank is picking up so this may well be our last update from KEVADTORM / SPRING STORM 17, but full coverage should commence in the August issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine which should hit newsstands in early July (our July issue is already full).

An elite Eesti Scout on the frontline – this all-professional rapid response battalion is highly regarded throughout NATO [© Bob Morrison]

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