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KEVADTORM 2017 – Combined Training Phase

KEVADTORM is an annual Estonian field training exercise held at the end of conscripts' 8 to 11 month training phase [© Bob Morrison]

Today Stage II of the multinational Exercise KEVADTORM (SPRING STORM) 2017, the Combined Training phase, draws to its conclusion in Estonia and participating troops commence a week of brigade-level manoeuvres.

On Monday afternoon (15th) C&S arrived in-theatre for a briefing and at 05:30 yesterday we headed out into the field to first photograph 1st [EST] Infantry Brigade on a training area near Tapa and then a multinational battlegroup supporting 2nd [EST] Infantry Brigade on another training area to the east near Narva. At this second location we saw a Finnish combat engineer team laying a bridge to allow a German armoured infantry company group to cross prepared anti-tank defences while a Lithuanian mechanised infantry company protected their flank.

If all goes to plan we should commence detailed coverage of KEVADTORM ’17 in the August issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine.

Clockwise from top left: Estonian recce troops; Finnish bridgelayer in action; German Marder 3 crossing Finnish bridge; German Leopard 2 advancing at speed [© Bob Morrison]

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