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EFP BG Estonia ~ Joint Combat Engineers Exercise

TROJAN AVRE demonstrating clearing obstacles from a forest track [© Estonian MoD: Pte Roomet Ild]

On 5th May Royal Engineers from the UK-led NATO eFP (enhanced Forward Presence) battlegroup in Estonia laid on a capability demonstration for the Estonian Pioneer Battalion.

Held at the Estonian Defence Forces Central Training Ground near Tapa, the demo included specialist tracked engineering vehicles such as the TROJAN Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE) and the TITAN Armoured Vehicle Launcher Bridge (AVLB). Both vehicles are based on the hull and chassis of the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

Estonia’s Defence Forces are about to embark on their annual Exercise KEVADTORM (SPRING STORM) manoeuvres in which it is believed the UK-led eFP battlegroup will participate. Over 8,500 troops will take part, including around 2,000 from Allied nations.

Warrior and Samson tracked vehicles deliberately ditched to demonstrate recovery techniques, alongside a TITAN AVLB with deployed Close Support Bridge [© Estonian MoD: Pte Roomet Ild]

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