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NATO US-GB-RO eFP Battlegroup Deployment Commences

British soldiers from the Light Dragoons prepare a Supacat COYOTE HMT to be deployed to Poland [NATO image]

A US-led battlegroup, including troops from Romania (RO) and the United Kingdom (GB),  has today begun deployment to Poland.

Light Dragoons in Bavaria mount their steeds for the 1000km route march to Orzysz [US Army: Spc. Emily Houdershieldt]

The move, along two different routes from Bavaria, will see around 1,000 troops along with vehicles and equipment stationed in the northern Polish town of Orzysz. It is part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) decided at the Warsaw Summit in July 2016.

The battlegroup forms part of NATO’s defence and deterrence measures. NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence will see four new deployments that bring multinational battalion-sized battlegroups into Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to respond to changing security environments in the eastern part of the Alliance.

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