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New World-Beating Monitor For UK Medical Forces

Major General Martin Bricknell with the new RDT Tempus Pro monitor - see below for video [© Bob Morrison]

The UK MoD has placed a £14 million contract for a lifesaving medical monitor which can help facilitate emergency treatment for Royal Navy, British Army, and RAF personnel if they are injured or taken ill on active duty.

Earlier today C&S was given the opportunity to see this lightweight, robust and portable battery-operated monitor, which can be used on land, at sea and in the air, in action. Produced by Basingstoke company Remote Diagnostic Technologies (RDT), the Tempus Pro monitor transmits medical data such as blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate in real time back to medical facilities and treatment teams, giving them a better understanding of a patient’s condition ahead of time.

RDT Tempus Pro (left) replaces seven different in-service health monitors [© Bob Morrison]

In addition to attending a briefing and watching a demo of this world-beating kit, which is already in service with undisclosed Allied Special Forces units and is currently being rolled out to UK Forces, we were able to ask Major General Martin Bricknell for his thoughts. The general is Director of Medical Policy, Operations and Capability at the Ministry of Defence, as well as being Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Health), and he has a wealth of operational experience.

If all goes to plan, we will bring readers more on RDT’s world-beating Tempus Pro monitor, which is replacing seven in-service heath monitors in one compact and robust package, in the June ’17 issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine (our May issue is now too full to include this feature).

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