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AWE 17 ~ Army Warfighting Experiment 2017

Soldiers using new mountaineering technology pause mid-abseil to cover potential threats with their assault rifles [© Bob Morrison]

The six week long Army Warfighting Experiment 2017 (AWE 17) has just concluded in and around the Copehill Down urban training village on Salisbury Plain and just before EndEx C&S visited to see some of the interesting new kit under evaluation.

Clockwise from top left: R-Lift Stretcher; Artificial Shoulder Pocket for weapon; Black Hornet 2 micro UAV; Situational Awareness [© Bob Morrison]

AWE 17 was both a pan-Capability and pan-DLoD (Defence Lines of Development) activity which sought to:-

  • Help the Army* develop and refine its capability requirements.
  • Help industry understand the Army’s current and emerging capability requirements.
  • Provide industry with the opportunity to place their products in the hands of end users and gather feedback to influence potential future developments.

In the final phase of the exercise (Level C) some 72 new products, ranging from lightweight access solutions, to situational awareness systems, to light vehicles etc., which ITDU (Infantry Trials & Development Unit) feels have future potential were displayed to senior military personnel and a small contingent of mostly specialist media. In future issues of C&S magazine will update readers on some of the most interesting products and systems we spotted at AWE 17.

* Denotes both British Army and Land Forces in general.

Video: Lt. Col Nick Serle, CO of ITDU, briefly explains AWE 17 to C&S


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