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Dutch experts in Somerset to assist flood relief

COMBAT & SURVIVAL was on the scene to document the arrival of the Van Heck Group at Othery with five high volume pumps on Friday morning.

Dutch specialists arrive at the Beer Wall choke point on the Sowy River [© Bob Morrison]

Craning the first pump into position [©Bob Morrison]Van Heck is an internationally operating company in the field of water control and management. The Van Heck organisation is very often called in to manage disasters and redirections, and to implement emergency solutions.

To assist the civil power Van Heck can:-
¤ Supply pumps or siphons to temporarily replace the function of a pump station or sluice gate.
¤ Compile a disaster plan to prevent flooding.
¤ Supply pumps for dredging operations in the management of the waterways.

Managing Director Jeroen G.M. van Heck drove C&S across North Moor in his Land Rover Defender 90 to the choke point where the A372 from Langport to Othery crosses the Sowy River flood relief channel.  The plan was to position five massive pumps to help increase water flow from Aller Moor to North Moor to relieve beleaguered Burrow Bridge and Northmoor Green / Moorland.

A feature on this Dutch emergency pumping operation in Somerset will be published in the April 2014 issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine.

Crossing flooded North Moor on the A372 - seen from Jeroem van Heck's Defender 90 [© Bob Morrison]