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UK WILDCAT Helicopters Deploying Operationally

Army Air Corps WILDCAT Helicopter [© Bob Morrison]

Army Air Corps WILDCAT helicopters are being deployed to Estonia on Operation CABRIT in support of the NATO eFP (enhanced Forward Presence) mission.


Since last spring NATO has deployed four mutually supporting multinational battlegroups in a defensive shield from Poland in the west to Estonia in the east to reinforce the Baltic States against the threat of further Russian expansionism. The most easterly formation, Battle Group Estonia or BG EST, is British-led and includes Infantry, Main Battle Tanks, Artillery, Engineer, Intelligence and Logistics etc. assets.

Next month four AW159 WILDCATS from 661 Squadron of the Army Air Corps will deploy to the Tapa garrison in Estonia on what will be the first operational tasking for the British battlefield utility helicopter. At present the only manned rotary aircraft permanently available to BG EST, which falls under command of 1st [EST] Infantry Brigade, are four Robinson R44 light observation and communications helicopters.

Estonian Air Force R44 supporting BG EST [© Bob Morrison]

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