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Defence Minister States UK Not Leaving Europe

QRH Challenger 2 main battle tank advancing to contact during NATO eFP manoeuvres in Estonia earlier this year [© Bob Morrison]

Defence Minister Lord Howe has today reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to European Security at a meeting today of the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

In a communiqué just released by the UK MoD it hs been announced that the Minister, Lord Howe, met counterparts at the European Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels today. He reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to European security and highlighted the role we play as a global foreign policy and security actor.

Defence Minister, Lord Howe, said: “We are leaving the European Union but not Europe, and regional security remains top of our agenda in the face of increased Russian assertiveness.”

“With challenges to our common security becoming more serious, our response must be to work together more closely.”

The communiqué goes on to say: Lord Howe discussed the important role the UK plays in European security matters as we prepare to exit the European Union, and highlighted our commitment to the region as a leading member of NATO in a session attended by NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. He reiterated that the UK is unconditionally committed to maintaining Europe’s security in the face of an unprecedented range of internal and external threats to the safety and security of our citizens, from international terrorism to cyber threats.

This follows the meeting of NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels last week, attended by Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, in which he committed four RAF Typhoons to the Southern Air Policing mission in Romania next summer as well as a Battalion that will be held at high readiness to respond to any situation in the Western Balkans.

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