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New UK MoD Combat Boots Award

A new design of HAIX combat boot in UK MoD Brown displayed at DSEI 17 which appears to fit the Desert Combat High Liability requirements [© Bob Morrison]

Last week at the DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International) expo in London COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine determined that the next UK MoD Combat Boots contract has been awarded.

It is our belief that seven different combat boot types from four manufacturers have been ordered in the five primary categories (Lot Nos 1-5) listed under the Supply Contract 169783-2015 tender notice published on 16th May 2015. The five Lots are: Combat High Liability Boot; Desert Combat High Liability Boot; Cold Wet Weather Boot; Jungle Boot; and Patrol Boot.

We believe the new Alt-Berg CHL Boot will be slightly different from this current model, having a lower cut and a different sole [© Bob Morrison]

Following trials, two different boot models from different manufacturers have been selected for each of the first two Lots and a single boot model has been selected for each of the other three Lots. It is our understanding that Aku and Alt-Berg have been chosen for Lot 1, Haix and Iturri have been selected for Lot 2, and Iturri is the sole supplier ~ no pun intended 😉 ~ for the other three Lots.

The new boots, which will be issued when stocks of the existing models run out, will be produced in MoD Brown but the unbranded trials examples were produced in black to keep costs down. Like many MoD contract purchases this one is running significantly behind the original timeline, which gave September 2016 as the order date, but C&S expects first stocks to be issued in the first quarter of 2018 as at least two manufacturers are believed to be commencing batch production next month.

We have formally requested full details of the contract award from the MoD DE&S Press Office (24 hours ago) and will update this page when we receive the official release.

Updated 31st October: Still no formal press release issued to C&S by DE&S.

Test samples of two AKU Griffin boots – left all-leather and right with fabric panels – we believe one may have been successful in the UK MoD contract award [© Bob Morrison]

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