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UK Defence Minister In Poland

A Light Dragoons JACKAL based in Poland heading a mixed packet of US and Polish armour during an eFP BG POL deployment into the Suwalki Gap in June [© Bob Morrison]

The UK Ministry of Defence has today announced that Minister of the Armed Forces Mark Lancaster has “visited Poland, in a mark of solidarity between the NATO allies”.

Acording to today’s News Release:-

A Light Dragoons COYOTE deploying by road through Poland as part of the NATO eFP BG POL [© Bob Morrison]

“While in the country, the Minister met with the Light Dragoons who have been based in Orzysz, Poland since April this year. The approximately 150-strong unit is equipped with Jackal and Coyote light reconnaissance vehicles, have been in the country as part of the US-led Enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup in the country.

“The Minister will meet with Polish Under-Secretary of State, Minister Szatkowski to discuss our work together bilaterally and in NATO. Minister of the Armed Forces Mark Lancaster said: ‘The UK is stepping up across the global stage and nowhere can this be seen more clearly than though our commitments in Europe and the NATO alliance. With UK personnel in Estonia, Ukraine and Poland we have over 1000 personnel in the region. We are standing up and standing with our allies and partners, fully committed to European security’.

“Part of a three country trip to Eastern Europe, the Minister is also visiting Ukraine and Estonia this week, meeting some of the 1,000 troops currently deployed in the region. In Estonia, he met with the 5 Rifles EFP Battlegroup and saw RAF Typhoon jets, visiting the country to train with UK personnel on the ground and Estonian allies for the first time”.

Challenger 2 main battle tanks from the 5 RIFLES battlegroup photographed in Estonia in May [© Bob Morrison]

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