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SABER JUNCTION 17 – Queens Royal Hussars

A well camouflaged QRH Challenger 2 MBT on Hohenfels Training Area, 5th May [US Army: SPC Michael Bradley]

British Army personnel from the Queens Royal Hussars have joined the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment on a massive certification exercise taking place at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany.

SABER JUNCTION 17 is designed to assess the readiness of the 2d Cavalry Regiment to conduct unified land operations, with a particular emphasis on rehearsing the transition from garrison to combat operations, and exercising operational and tactical decision-making skills. The exercise includes nearly 4,500 participants from 13 NATO and European partner nations, including Britain.

British troops from the Light Dragoons are currently serving alongside the 2nd Squadron of 2nd Cavalry Regiment, as Mustang Troop 2/2CAV, as part of NATO’s eFP battlegroup in Poland.

A QRH Major (left) discusses mission tactics with a US Army Major of the JMRC Warhog Observer Coach Trainer Team while conducting defensive operations, May 2nd [US Army: Spc. Nathaniel Nichols]

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