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Combat & Survival Magazine March 2012

Combat and Survival magazine Combat & Survival Magazine March 2012 cover

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Frontline Report 1 / Force Protection

Carl Schulze covers the multinational force guarding the Kabul International Airport gateway

British Vehicles / Defender Pulse

Bob Morrison focuses on the Land Rover Battlefield Ambulance variant of the Wolf

Combat Footwear / For The Ladies

Moira & Bob test and investigate the new range of specially designed Alt-Berg boots

Special Forces / NDU Singapore

Gordon Arthur reports on an elite Far East naval seal-type counter-terrorist team

Militaria / Collecting Watches

Bob Morrison takes a look at British military timepieces available on the surplus market

Survival Basics / First Aid Kits

Bob Morrison discusses how carrying a basic personal medical kit makes sense

Frontline Report 2 / Danish Snipers

Carl Schulze reports from Helmand Province on the elite Garde Husarregimentet teams

Firearms 1 / Sniper Wind Meter

Greg Roberts tests Kestrel-Horus wind and ballistic meter used in Afghanistan

Firearms 2 / Scout Rifle

Greg Roberts introduces us to the Steyr-Mannlicher hunting rifle use for the deer season

Gormley’s Gear / Tried & Tested

Mike Gormley trials hiking poles, Leatherman tools, a stove and outdoor tops

Kit & Camo / Cold Weather DPDU

‘R’ looks into the evolution of the Australian windproof jacket and overtrousers

Security Industry / Costa Concordia

David Rubens discusses how Contingency Plan Failure seems to have exacerbated the tragedy

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