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HAIX BLACK EAGLE GTX ~ Tactical 2.0 High Leg Boot

The HAIX Black Eagle range covers many different areas of footwear, from ADVENTURE trainers to SAFETY shoes and ankle boots to ATHLETIC military desert boots to TACTICAL police shoes and boots.

It is possibly only when one sees the 95 current individual footwear samples displayed at the company’s main production facility that the breadth of ranges and their various sub-categories begins to become clear.

We looked at the original HAIX Black Eagle Desert Mid (i.e. mid-height) boot, from the ATHLETIC range, back in the October 2014 issue. Tipping the scales at just 600g (Size UK10.5 or EU45) this comfortable new generation Gore-Tex membrane boot is light enough to carry in the bottom of the bergen as a back-up boot, and indeed this is precisely what I did with it during my two trips to Jordan earlier this year to cover Ex. SHAMAL STORM and then WARRIOR COMPETITION followed by SOFEX.

Combat & Survival December 2016 Hard CopyThe HAIX Black Eagle GTX TACTICAL 2.0 design has much in common with the Desert ATHLETIC, but the 2.0 suffix indicates it is a second generation design and GTX denotes it too has a Gore-Tex membrane. Available in Low, Mid-height and High Leg versions, this is primarily a black waterproof leather police patrol boot, with highly breathable Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane lining, which weighs only around 665g in 8″ high leg version (UK10.5). The particular membrane used is non-insulated to ensure the foot remains cool and the boot is well-suited for a combination of indoor and outdoor work.

This uniform boot aimed primarily at the police and security sector uses the manufacturer’s own design of slip-resistant and anti-static outsole, which is also remarkably quiet underfoot and works very well on smooth wet urban surfaces in addition to being quite grippy and reasonably good at self-cleaning if the wearer has to go off-road in the course of their duties. The HAIX Climate System incorporated into the design uses a pumping movement to permit air movement with every step, with heat venting out through the comfortable mesh fabric collar and fresh air being drawn in through vent holes at the top of the boot.

This boot is supplied as standard with the company’s own medium width (red) orthopaedically shaped insole but to accommodate wider or narrower feet a yellow or blue insole can be ordered as part of the HAIX Vario Wide System. In addition to the cushioning effect provided by the composite sole, a cushioning absorption wedge is built in to reduce heel strike. On the more general construction side, the padded fabric tongue has side fillets which extend almost to the top of the boot to keep water out and both internal and external ankle areas are well protected with a pentagonal rubber pad. One final minor detail, which a lot of manufacturers forget, is the heel tape to assist speedy donning.

¤ This boot uses one of the HAIX designed lacing systems consisting of three pairs of lower loops, an unique two-part D-ring and buckle lace lock each side to secure the lower foot, and three upper pairs of tunnels. Once tied, the ends of the laces can be tucked into a tongue pocket.


This article with detail images of the boots was first published in the

December 2016 issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine.

Images © Bob Morrison

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