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Spotted – AKU Pilgrim FG Combat Boot

© Bob Morrison

This new brown combat boot from AKU is one of the seven new designs ordered last autumn by the UK Ministry of Defence and should shortly be on issue to the armed forces.


Over the last couple of days Mike Gormley and myself have been attending the Outdoor Military Show, meeting key suppliers and looking at new outdoor clothing, footwear, and load carriage equipment etc. This new brown boot from Italian manufacturers AKU is one of two makes selected for the Combat High Liability Boot lot (see this September 2017 post for more).

© Bob Morrison

The letters FG in the name stand for Full Grain as this is the type of leather used for the placket. The lining is Gore-Tex Extended Performance Comfort which was picked as it is very fast-drying. Uppers are of AIR8000 construction, but have been changed from earlier PILGRIM models in that instead of using a felt backing, perforated EVA which doesn’t absorb water is used; it is claimed this gave the fastest drying type of any of the boots tested.

Finally, a different VIBRAM sole unit, which to comply with military specifications doesn’t absorb oil, is used.

We have been informed that once the UK MoD initial batch order for the Pilgrim FG has been fulfilled a pair will be sent to C&S for review.

© Bob Morrison


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