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HAIX BLACK EAGLE Athletic 2.0 Mid Black GTX

I am focusing here on the HAIX BLACK EAGLE ATHLETIC 2.0 MID BLACK GTX boot which is possibly more of a police and emergency services boot than others in the company’s BLACK EAGLE range.

In our December ’16 issue I wear-tested another boot from this extended family, the HAIX BLACK EAGLE TACTICAL 2.0 HIGH LEG GTX model, and at first glance one might presume that the boot on this page is just a mid-height version of the full-height black boot. There are certainly many similarities between the two models, but this month’s boot is from the company’s ATHLETIC range, just like the original (i.e. 10) mid-height Desert Boot reviewed in our October 2014 issue, whereas December’s boot was from their TACTICAL range; HAIX also produces a fourth BLACK EAGLE footwear range known as SAFETY. Hopefully this clears a little of the name confusion resulting from four different ranges all being called BLACK EAGLE.

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See full article in July 17 issue

The company states that the BLACK EAGLE ATHLETIC 2.0 is the new and improved successor to their BLACK EAGLE ATHLETIC 10 weatherproof model. They describe this new mid-height model as a waterproof shoe which “offers important protection for professional groups such as police officers and security staff”. To keep out both water and pathogens, while also ensuring the foot is able to breathe in a wide range of climatic conditions, the latest Gore-Tex Extended Comfort three-layer laminate is used.

Again, the uppers are constructed from a breathable mix of textile and microfibre and an abrasion-resistant lining offers optimum climate comfort, especially in hot conditions. The boot has a foam midsole to cushion weight and provide best possible shock absorption on rough terrain. There is also an integrated removable inlay sole which effectively absorbs sweat and provides an anti-bacterial effect to suppresses odours.

The sole is of the company’s own design and manufacture, made from a rubber compound intended to give long life, and is intended to offer superb slip resistance and guarantee a firm grip on any terrain. As is necessary for most boots aimed at the blue light services, it is also resistant to oil and petrol in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012

Finally the lacing: The system employed is intended to give smoothness of movement, to avoid pressure to the feet and to ensure a perfect fit. As is now standard across the BLACK EAGLE range, a lace pocket is incorporated in the extended tongue to allow the ends to be tucked away. However I have tweaked this slightly by incorporating a couple of the company’s quick lock sliders, obtained from the factory last year, to do away with the need to tie and untie. To buy online go to haix.co.uk

This article with detail images of the boots was first published in the
July 2017 issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine.
Images © Bob Morrison

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