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35th Anniversary Leatherman PST Announced

The limited edition Heritage PST comes complete with leather belt sheath and in a presentation box

Multi-tool manufacturer Leatherman has re-launched its most iconic belt tool, the Pocket Survival Tool founding product of the brand, to mark the company’s 35th anniversary.

It has today been announced: A limited edition remake of the PST has now been released to celebrate the 35th year. It was 1975 when engineering graduate Tim Leatherman took a road trip [around Europe] in a battered Fiat 600 on a shoe-string budget. A scout knife was all he had for everything, from slicing bread, to fixing leaky hotel plumbing and keeping his car on the road. But what Tim really needed was a pair of pliers.

And so, the idea for the Leatherman multi-tool was born. Back home in Oregon, he convinced his wife to give him one month to pursue his dream full-time, and got to work. Three years later he had a tool he liked, the newly patented Mr Crunch.

Heritage PST has eight blades plus pliers and is stamped with Tim’s signature

Knife companies thought his invention was a tool. Tool companies thought it was a gadget. Neither were interested. Tim got a ‘real job’ to support his passion and continued to try and sell his idea over the next four years, but it was partnering with his college friend Steve Berliner that finally got Tim’s idea off the ground.

The prototype was perfected and in May 1983, the first Leatherman order was placed – for 500 PSTs. By December the pair had produced and sold nearly 3,000 products. The Pocket Survival Tool continued to reign supreme until 2004 when it was retired.

To commemorate the legacy, the Heritage Pocket Survival Tool has been launched. Based on the original Mr Crunch, only 100 are available in the UK. It features 14 tools including pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, files, a knife and a can and bottle opener. The limited edition design is also stamped with Tim Leatherman’s signature and comes with commemorative packaging.

Garry Woodhouse, Sales & Marketing Director at Whitby & Co – exclusive distributor of Leatherman in the UK – said: “Leatherman continues to live up to Tim’s legacy of unwavering perseverance, ingenious design and a commitment to quality.

“We are proud to launch the limited edition Heritage Pocket Survival Tool to the UK. Thirty-five years since it was first made, the PST is just as impressive now as it was back then.

“And, like all Leatherman products, it is backed by a 25-year warranty – because every Leatherman is made to last a lifetime.”

The Heritage Pocket Survival Tool is available from www.leatherman.co.uk priced £249.95

Tim Leatherman at a past product launch in Cumbria [© Bob Morrison]

Leatherman is the world’s largest manufacturer of tools that prepare people for both expected and unexpected challenges, journeys and adventures. Founder Tim Leatherman’s real life experiences inspired him to build the world’s first multi-tool, and his dedication to quality engineering and craftsmanship has driven Leatherman for more than 30 years. The Oregon-based company distributes its high-quality Leatherman multi-tools, which are manufactured in Portland, to more than 86 countries.

Footnote: Both Mike Gormley and myself have carried a Leatherman for more years than we care to  remember; my favourite Original SUPER TOOL was born in 1997 and hand-engraved with Tim’s signature a few years ago by the inventor himself. BM

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