Combat & Survival September 2017

Combat & Survival September 2017


Get your hard or digital copy of the September 2017 edition of Combat & Survival magazine.

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British Forces 1 – BG ESTONIA 
Bob Morrison reports from NATO’s north-east flank on the UK-led operational battlegroup

Alliance Forces 1 – SCOUTSPATALJON 
Bob Morrison reports from Estonia on the elite Eesti Scouts on Exercise KEVADTORM ‘17

British Forces – 26 REGIMENT RA 
Carl Schulze reports from Germany on The West Midlands Gunners on live-fire exercise

Armour Focus – CV9035EE 
Bob Morrison tracks down Estonia’s new Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle on its first exercise

Alliance Forces 2 – BG LITHUANIA 
Bob Morrison reports from the Suwalki Gap on NATO’s centre-south eFP defensive presence

Bob Morrison taste tests a current German Army 24-hour combat ration ‘proffed’ in Lithuania

Survival – ESCAPE & EVASION 
Robert Shaw advises how to prepare to evade and survive on the modern battlefield

Airborne Forces – RED GRIFFIN 
Carl Schulze reports on an exercise involving hundreds of Dutch, French and German troops

Kit & Camo – EDCU PATTERN 
Bob Morrison photographs an Eesti Scout wearing the Estonian Digital Combat Uniform

Outdoor Gear – TRIED & TESTED

Mike Gormley field trials boots, a solar light, insulated drinks flasks and a lightweight jacket