Combat & Survival March 2017 Digital Copy

combat and survival magazine march 2017 digital cover

Combat & Survival March 2017 Digital Copy


Digital copy of March 2017 edition of Combat & Survival magazine.

Product Description

Elite Forces – EDELWEISS 2016
Carl Schulze reports from the Austrian Alps on Germany’s 23 Gebirgsjäger Brigade

Firearms 1 – BUNDESWEHR G27P
Carl Schulze reports from Germany on the new in-service 7.62mm Precision Automatic Rifle

Allied Forces – ANAKONDA 2016
Bob Morrison reports from Poland on the multinational Combined Special Operations phase

Helicopter Focus – PZL W-3 SOKÓŁ & MI-17 HIP
Bob Morrison points his cameras at a pair of helicopters used by the Polish Armed Forces

Carl Schulze focuses on a Gebirgsjäger 40mm Granatmaschinenwaffe Team

Special Forces – POLISH JWK
Bob Morrison reports on the participants in the Polish-led multinational SOTU air assault

Bob Morrison focuses on a SOTU operator from 34 ‘Bercsényi’ Battalion

Firearms 2 – 5.56mm MINIMI MK3
Richard Brown looks at the latest evolution of the popular FN Herstal Light Machine Gun

Camo Extra – M1949/82 PATTERN
Bob Morrison focuses on a combat jacket and shelter half in the Hungarian national camo

Outdoor Gear – TRIED & TESTED
Mike Gormley field trials torches, clothing, a Swedish knife and a boot cleaner sponge

Footwear – ABOVE & BEYOND
Bob Morrison reflects on exceptional experiences with Lowa’s Innox Gore-Tex Mid-Height boots