Combat & Survival December 2016 Digital Copy

Combat & Survival December 2016 Digital Copy


Digital copy of December 2016 edition of Combat & Survival magazine.


Allied Forces 1 – RIBBON BRIDGES
Carl Schulze reports from Poland on an American, Dutch and German combined operation

Elite Forces – NEO IN BELGIUM
Carl Schulze concludes his report on the multinational Non-combatant Evacuation Operation

Allied Forces 2 – ANAKONDA 16
Bob Morrison reports from Poland on the multinational urban assault exercise phase

Outdoor Survival – WILDLIFE
Jason Polley advises on dealing with dangerous insects, scorpions, snakes and mammals

Marching Ammo – POLISH IRZ
Bob Morrison tries out two field ration menus issued to troops on Exercise ANAKONDA 16

Foreign Forces – HAN KUANG 32
Gordon Arthur reports from Taiwan on the recent massive mobilisation manoeuvres

Rapid Reaction – JORDAN QRF
Bob Morrison reports on the newly created Special Operations Support formation

Firearms – SA80A3
Bob Morrison looks at the proposed refurbishment plans for the UK Forces assault rifle

Kit & Camo – MACEDONIAN M09
Bob Morrison focuses on the rarely spotted temperate digital camo seen on ANAKONDA 16

Special Operations – KING’S CHALLENGE
Bob Morrison reports from WARRIOR COMPETITION in Jordan on the closing event stage

Outdoor Gear – TRIED & TESTED
Mike Gormley has been testing trail shoes, drinks flask, gloves and waterproof trek luggage

Bob Morrison tries the latest version of the HAIX Gore-Tex high leg black boot