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Light Dragoons ~ Annual Combat Marksmanship Test

Personnel from A Squadron of the Light Dragoons on Wathgill Ranges during their ACMT [© Bob Morrison]

In mid-February, immediately before departing for IDEX in Abu Dhabi, C&S joined A Squadron of the Light Dragoons undertaking their Annual Combat Marksmanship Test in North Yorkshire.

This trip to Wathgill Ranges,was our first opportunity to work with a unit live firing while wearing the latest VIRTUS Load Carriage & Integrated Personal Protection System. Delivered in late 2015 and issued from early 2016 to troops in the Committed/Contingency Year of the 36-month A-FORM cycle, the VIRTUS system is intended to lighten the load for the dismounted soldier without reducing protection levels.

The Light Dragoons are a Light Cavalry Regiment and part of the Adaptive Force under the ARMY 2020 restructuring. Nicknamed the Northern Cavalry, the Light Dragoons originated as light cavalrymen mounted on fast horses, allowing them to move quickly across the battlefield.

Today the regiment’s squadrons are mounted on agile 4×4 JACKAL 2 High Mobility Weapons Platforms, logistically supported by the 6×6 COYOTE variant. Their Light Cavalry role means they are able to deploy anywhere in the world at very short notice.

To read more about the Light Dragoons, the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test, and the VIRTUS system in use on the ranges see the May issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine which goes on sale from Thursday 6th April.

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