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ANAKONDA ’16 – Urban Assault Phase

An R-WMIK from Recce Platoon of D 'Dragon' Company of 2 MERCIAN cautiously approaches from the south of the urban complex [© Bob Morrison]

ANAKONDA 16 was a Polish-led joint multinational exercise in early June, intended to test the ability, readiness and interoperability of the Polish Armed Forces with Allies and partners, while conducting a joint defensive operation on a large scale.

The exercise, held prior to the NATO Summit in Warsaw, was intended to clearly demonstrate Poland’s essential role in contributing to Alliance security and defence. The ANAKONDA 16 programme comprised a series of linked live fire, command post, field training, cyber and electronic warfare exercises on training areas across the length and breadth of Poland.

anakonda16-logoIn some cases, ANAKONDA training events overlapped and were enabled by two other distinct multinational exercises happening in the region; namely SABER STRIKE 16 and SWIFT RESPONSE 16. In our September issue we covered the joint German and British amphibious engineer formation assembling a floating bridge over the Vistula at Chełmno to enable the US 2nd Cavalry to transit from Germany to Estonia to participate on SABER STRIKE 16 and in the October and November issues we covered the multinational heavy equipment and mass parachute drops at Torun, which were part of SWIFT RESPONSE 16.

The next major focus of ANAKONDA 16 was an air assault onto the Wedrzyn training area on  Friday 10th June, three days after the Joint Forcible Entry airborne drop into Torun…

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