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SHAMAL STORM ~ Vanguard Field Hospital Deployed

Doctors, nurses and other medical specialists work on a simulated casualty being prepared for surgery inside the Vanguard Field Hospital complex [© Bob Morrison]

This January the British Army’s Vanguard Enabling Group, a new formation under the equally new Force Troops Command organisation established as part of the evolving ARMY 2020 restructuring, deployed from the UK to southern Jordan on Exercise SHAMAL STORM.

Aware of just how important this exercise was, C&S pulled out all the stops to get out to the desert to cover it.

Last month we joined the Episcopi-based 1st Battalion of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment in the desert to watch them practising infantry tactics on SHAMAL STORM ’16. Shortly after returning to their Cyprus base from Jordan, 1 LANCS were to take over as the Regional Standby Battalion for an 18-month stint as the UK’s high readiness formation prepared to deploy anywhere in the Middle East and North Africa region should military taskings require.

During the training scenario we covered in the last issue, two simulated casualties were introduced by umpires…..

To read all of Bob Morrison’s report see the
August 2016 issue of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine,
which went on sale in both print and digital formats on Thursday 7th July.


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