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BOXER MIV Would Be Assembled In UK

BOXER under trials at Bovingdon in 2007 as part of the cancelled FRES-UV project [© Bob Morrison]

Armoured vehicle manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has this morning advised C&S that leading British companies in the defence sector BAE Systems, Pearson Engineering and Thales UK have signed agreements with the ARTEC consortium as partners for the production of BOXER.

Should BOXER be selected as the British Army’s next generation Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV), at least 60% of the vehicle’s value creation and 100% of final assembly will take place in Britain. To ensure the best value to the British tax payer, ARTEC has defined a competitive process for the main partners and their supply chains to follow.

Dutch Engineer variant of BOXER in preparation for display at IAV 2018 in London [© Bob Morrison]

ARTEC’s investment in the UK value chain is estimated to secure or create at least 1,000 jobs all across the country. The UK partnership approach will ensure that British companies are fully embedded in the MIV supply chain. Rolls Royce, Parker-Hannifin, WFEL and British subsidiaries of the ARTEC parent companies will also supply British content.

Further, Rheinmetall intends to establish a modern production and integration centre for armoured vehicles in the UK as part of the programme. This represents a significant commitment from Rheinmetall which will lead to long-lasting armoured vehicle capability in the UK.

The UK played a major role in the design, development and testing of BOXER from 1999 to 2004. Upon acquisition, the UK would reassume the rights which it had as the original project partner. This would allow BOXER to be exported from the UK.

BOXER is proven against all key requirements of the British Army. Its high mobility, wide range of capabilities and maximum protection for the soldiers who operate it make it an ideal solution for UK operations. With around 700 vehicles delivered or under procurement, it is increasingly setting the standard for vehicles of its class among the European NATO states.

Editor’s Footnote: BOXER, a collaborative venture manufactured by the ARTEC consortium of KMW and Rheinmetall, started life as a French/German/UK project but in 2003 UK MoD withdrew to concentrate on its own FRES-UV programme, which subsequently foundered. France had withdrawn from the BOXER programme earlier, but the Netherlands subsequently joined the Germans and both nations have the vehicle currently operationally deployed.

Dutch Engineer BOXER deployed in Estonia on KEVADTORM ’17 [© Bob Morrison]

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